Thinkpad X220(with SSD) and Fedora16

Last night, a new Lenovo Thinkpad X220 arrived. It has an Intel Sandybridge Chipset, and a solid state drive, 8G memory. Here is the Smolt profile info.

Without haste, I booted up a live-usb stick with Fedora 16 on it and started the hard-disk install. I clocked the live-usb install time for fun. It took 1 minute to copy live image to hard-disk, and a minute more to perform post-install file-system changes, install boot-loader. Nearly 3 minutes, install was complete and smooth w/o any glitches. That was pretty neat.

I did some usual post-install configurations. Then, configured virtualization with bridging. Speaking of bridging, some good news here. Red Hat’s Laine Stump recently submitted a patch to libvirt upstream, a very handy interface for bridging. Which now makes, adding a bridge as trivial as:

# virsh iface-bridge eth0 br0 

or with the recent Consistent Network Device Naming feature (which uses the BIOS provided network interface names.)

# virsh iface-bridge em1 br0 

I previously had a Lenovo X200, compared to that, X220 seems to have improved many folds w/ more screen real-estate and an optional touch-pad as well. And oh, did I mention Fedora runs smooth as ever on Thinkpads?



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5 responses to “Thinkpad X220(with SSD) and Fedora16

  1. Leo

    The smolt profile you linked to says its a DELL.

  2. “And oh, did I mention Fedora runs smooth as ever on Thinkpads?”

    Just don’t look too hard into the sausage factory…

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