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Upcoming Fedora 17 Virtualization test day

As many of you already must be already be familiar, a lot of interesting KVM Virtualization features are being shipped in the very soon-to-be released Fedora 17. And, there is an upcoming Fedora 17 Virtualization test day on 12th of April.

Dan Berrange and Rich Jones have added tests for some of the features and created a page with results which are all linked in the main test-day page mentioned earlier. They’d(and many others) also be hanging out in #fedora-test-day IRC channel on freenode on the test-day. Feel free to give it a whirl. As usual, it doesn’t mean to be tested only that particular day only, so prior test results, bug info would be nice.

If you’d like to quickly do a bare-minimal automated guest installs(w/ kickstart) using virt-install, I made a quick script here . Note, that with F17, we had to explicitly provide the option root=live:http:/path/to/squashfs.img to kernel args in virt-install cmd line for the install to proceed smoothly. For more discussion on it, refer the bug. Though, I’m yet to try it after this bug was fixed.


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