OpenStack test event at Flock — Fedora Contributor’s conference (AUG 9-12)

Firstly, this post should have been coming from Matthias Runge, long time Fedora contributor, OpenStack Horizon developer. Earlier this May, Matthias proposed a FLOCK hack-fest session for OpenStack to test/fix latest packages on Fedora, and it was accepted. Matthias, unfortunately, cannot make it (Duh, he should have been there!) to Charleston due to personal reasons. He trusted I could handle the swap of places with him (I work with him as part of the Cloud Engineering team at Red Hat). Thanks Matthias!

Secondly, it’s not really flash news that FLOCK (Fedora Contributor’s conference), the first edition of the revamped (and now erstwhile) FUDCON, will be taking place in about two weeks (Aug 9-12) in Charleston, South Carolina.

If you care about Open Source Infrastructure as a Service software, and interested in contributing/learning/deploying, you’re more than welcome to participate (needless to say) in this session. There will also be a couple of core OpenStack developers hanging around during the conference!

Some practical information for the OpenStack test event:

  • Abstract: OpenStack FLOCK test event abstract is here.
  • Prerequisites: This is supposed to be a hands on session where we try to setup and test. Given the nature of OpenStack, if you can have a laptop with 4G (or more) memory, and (at-least) 50G of free disk space, it’ll make life easier while setting up OpenStack.
  • Current milestone packages: OpenStack Havana, milestone-2 packages are here.
  • Trunk Packages: These are built from OpenStack upstream trunk on an hourly basis. As of writing this, Neutron (OpenStack networking) server packages are not yet available (coming soon – people are working hard on this!). nova-network is the temporary recommendation. Further details are in the quickstart instructions
  • Bug tracking: If there are OpenStack Fedora/EL packaging, installation & related issues, file it in RH bugzilla. If you’re testing from upstream trunk, it’s better to file them under upstream issue tracker
  • An etherpad instance with more verbose information here. If you have comments/suggestions/notes, please add it there.

Finally, there are plenty of interesting sessions – check out the schedule!

PS: Damn it, Seth Vidal — I was dearly looking forward for your user builds tools talk :( Just noticed Kyle McMartin is doing it on Seth’s behalf.



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3 responses to “OpenStack test event at Flock — Fedora Contributor’s conference (AUG 9-12)

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  2. red

    Figure it would be a good idea to bring a local mirror of the havana-2 packages with you (make sure to include Neutron as soon as it’s available, though). Just in case.

    • Yes, I /was/ planning to bring a local copy of Havana m-2 and Grizzly too (Just in case) mirror on a hard-disk.

      As we speak, I’m working on getting a VM too with all things configured if someone wants to test right away.

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