OpenStack in Action, Paris (5DEC2013) – quick recap

I decided at the last moment (thanks to Dave Neary for notifying me) to make a quick visit to Paris, for this one day event OpenStack in Action 4.

The conference was very well organized. The day’s agenda was split into high-level keynotes for the first half of the morning, technical and business sessions for rest of the day.

From the morning Keynote sessions, two sessions I attended fully. First, Red Hat’s Paul Cormier’s keynote on Open Clouds. I felt, among non-technical keynotes, content-wise & visually this was very well presented. Second, Thierry Carrez‘s (OpenStack Release Manager) talk on “Havana to Icehouse”. Thierry gave an excellent overview of what was accomplished during Havana release cycle and discussed the work in progress for the upcoming Ice House release.

Among technical sessions, the one that I closely paid attention to was of Mark McCLain’s (Neutron PTL) “From Segments to Services, a Dive into OpenStack Networking”. Mark started with a high-level overview of Neutron Networking, followed by a discussion of its various aspects: architecture of Neutron API; flow of a Neutron API request (originating from Neutron CLI/Horizon Web UI); some of the common features across Neutron plugins — support for overlapping IPs, DHCP, Floating IPs; Neutron Security Groups; Metadata, some advanced services (Load Balancing, Firewall, VPN); Provider Networks. An interesting thing I learnt was about Neutron Module Layer 2 plugin that would combine Open vSwitch and Linux Bridge plugins into a single plugin.

All the talks were recorded, should be on the web soon.


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